BOD & Chairs

The Board of Directors (BOD) consists of the elected Executive Committee and appointed Committee Chairs (indicated below with an *).

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Name Email
Co-Presidents (Executive Committee)*
Co-Presidents are the presiding officers and official spokespersons of the PTA. Facilitate all Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Committee Chair, and General Meetings. Gather input from Committee Chairs and prepare agendas with the Secretary. Communicate regularly with the school principal, staff, Board of Directors, and PTA members as well as potential PTA members. Participate in state PTA Council meetings. Delegate responsibility where appropriate to the VP.
Sylvia Bagley & Melissa Atchison
Vice President (Executive Committee)*
The VP acts as the assistant to the Co-Presidents and presides at meetings in the absence of the president(s). Serves as the Executive Committee liaison with the Auction Committee and other major fundraising events. Responsible for scheduling room, table, and chair reservations for PTA-sponsored activities on campus. Takes on additional responsibilities as delegated by the Co-Presidents and/or stated in the Standing Rules.
Kim Ottele
Treasurer (Executive Committee)*
The Treasurer is elected by members to be the authorized custodian to manage PTA funds. Ensures all PTA funds are promptly deposited into PTA bank account(s), separate from funds of any other organization. Ensures appropriate insurance (liability insurance at a minimum) is purchased for the PTA. Keeps accurate and detailed accounts of all funds received and disbursed. Responsible for paying all authorized financial obligations of the PTA. Coordinates with hired tax consultant to prepare and file the appropriate federal tax forms. Prepares and files incorporation report and charitable organization report in a timely manner. Preserves all receipts, invoices, bank statements, cancelled checks, and other financial records. Submits and reports on a detailed, written monthly financial report at every General Meeting. Submits written reports by email to the board during months when no meetings are held. Work with the support of the Executive Committee to create the proposed budget for the following year.
Erin Welch
Secretary (Executive Committee)*
The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes and recording all business at every PTA meeting, including General meetings and Executive Committee meetings. Prepares minutes from previous meetings for review/approval at next meeting. Works with the President to plan meetings and create agendas and informs President of unfinished business from previous meetings. Responsible for taking attendance at meetings to ensure quorum. Facilitates meetings in the event the President and Vice President are absent. Keeps a current roster of members on hand during meetings. Maintains copies of all documents for the official PTA files.
Sherry Weber
Chair provides information of interest on children's health, safety, and education to Kenmore PTA members and the community. Also raises awareness about state legislative issues that affect children and families. Information is shared at General Membership meetings and in the Cub Notes newsletters several times each year. Information may be gathered from the Washington State or National PTA websites. Their websites must be referenced to use their articles in newsletters.
Stephanie Krambrink
After School Activities Program (ASAP)*
Kenmore Elementary PTA’s ASAP is a wonderful opportunity to bring extracurricular activities and interests to the students. Historically, Chairs have chosen to offer classes that will have breadth in appeal or provide an opportunity to expose students to a new subject/skill that may not necessarily be readily available. Although there are several ASAP classes that have been offered year to year, the depth and scope often varies across years, and is subject to classroom and instructor availability, “bandwidth” of the Chair, and scheduling logistics. Chair responsibilities: Solicit and select after (or before) school programming for 3 quarters – typically about 12-26 weeks in advance of session. Contact vendor/instructor and set up program details (cost, location, scholarship amounts, class needs, etc.), obtain approval from PTA leadership. Create or solicit registration fliers, coordinate school approval, print, and distribute approximately 4 weeks or earlier in advance of class. Coordinate with teachers, office, and PTA facilities coordinator use of classroom space. Advertise class offerings in Cub Notes, Website, Facebook, etc as needed. Oversee class registration for all ASAP programs. This may entail creating registration forms, depositing checks, filing paperwork with Treasurer for paperwork, and providing an Excel spreadsheet to main office prior to first-day- of class (typically 24hrs in advance or earlier). Please note that some vendors do all this but distribute fliers, however the Chair must ensure school and PTA standards and requirements are met. Oversee disbursement of scholarships and coordinate annual budget with PTA leadership. Communicate with school nurse about each class’s roster and alert instructor and parents about medical concerns. Ensure PTA and NSD requirements for offering a class are met as per AIM insurance and WSPTA guidelines.
Stephanie Bollen
Arts Ed WA
Help Kenmore’s teachers implement our arts curriculum, paid for with PTA funds. Read more here:
Sherry Weber
Art of Discovery
Chair coordinates the “Art of Discovery” program at Kenmore Elementary for 1-3 weeks each year. This project is a cooperative effort of the Junior League of Seattle and Bellevue Art Museum and brings Northwest art into the schools. Volunteers act as docents for individual classes who come to see the art during a specialist time while it is at the school. Training offered at BAM.
Sherry Weber
Artist in Residence (Sowah Mensah)
Every year we are fortunate to be visited for a week by master drummer Sowah Mensah. Chair responsibilities are simple, and include helping transport drums to and from various schools, as well as generating interest in an evening concert open to the community.
Sylvia Bagley
Auction - Check-In
Oversee greeting and checking-in of guests during the event and assists with the communication of bid numbers and guest names to Banking and Check-out. Welcome guests and have fun!
Christina Anderson
Emma Romig
Auction - Class Projects
Work in the classroom with teachers, students and parents to guide the creative inspiration for the Grade Level Art auction items. Exercise your creative juices while you develop amazing one‐of‐a kind priceless works of art that deliver the highest revenue opportunities. Work with a team of volunteers to execute grade level art projects in accordance with a deadline (two weeks before the auction).
Jen Pierson
Auction - Computers and Banking and Check-Out
Manage the set-up for Square check-out and closing activities for the Auction.
Joe Van Dyk
Auction - Decorations
Work with Auction Chair to design a decorating theme for the event and make this a fun and festive evening. Decorations include area displays, table centerpieces, décor for entry, etc.
Kelly Poort
Vanessa Reid
Auction - Dessert Dash
Secure 16-18 irresistible, quality desserts from Kenmore family bakers and work with area bakeries and restaurants for donations. Creatively suggest desserts that will draw the most revenue from our guests and contribute to the festivity of the evening.
Geralyn Vannoy
Auction - Liaison
Auction Liaison is a Board of Directors member who facilitates communication between the Auction Committee, Auction Chair, and volunteers.
Kim Ottele
Auction - Live Auction Coordinator
Ensure the success of the Live Auction portion of the evening by assisting in the selection of live items with procurement, coordinating the set up and display of the live items and managing the winning bids from presentation through check out.
Courtenay Gebhardt
Auction - Parties and Events Coordinator(s)
Utilize your creativity, social skills and party planning abilities to plan 10‐15 amazing events for groups within our school community – parents, families, and kids-only. These fun parties are a great revenue source and community builder for our students, families and teachers.
Mindy Dolan
Auction - Photography
Before the auction take fabulous photos of the children of auction attendees, to be sold at the auction. Families look forward to seeing their kids in the school environment – this is a fun and creative contribution to the auction.
Ignatius Rigor
Auction - Procurement
Procurement chair (with plenty of volunteers) helps oversee the following work, ensuring we have plenty of items to auction off at our annual Kenmore Elementary Auction. Are you a business or local community member interested in sponsoring an event or project by donating funds or providing a service/product for our volunteers? Or would you simply like to make a connection with your local school by providing your employees with a volunteer outlet? Do you have a service or item you would like to donate for our well-attended Annual Auction? WE NEED YOU! Every single dollar we raise goes directly to programs that support every child in KE. What better way to foster community spirit as well as to connect your business with patrons who appreciate your support of our school!
Ebony Schauman & Emy Hollander
Auction - Raffle and Games Coordinator
Create and organize raffles and any games to be played at auction and secures volunteers as needed. Come up with fun ways to move auction items and create interest in the activity.
Jessica Smith
Auction - Volunteer Coordinator
Works with Auction Leads to determine volunteer needs; coordinates and managed all volunteers during the event.
Jessica Smith
Auction - Wine Grab
Secure approximately 50 quality bottles of wine (75% red & 25% white) from Kenmore families and area wineries and restaurants. Minimum value of each bottle is $25 – with the goal of getting some specialties in the mix. Guests will blindly purchase (either a red or a white) wine during the evening.
Rebecca Rader
Back to School Ice Cream Social
Every year we host an ice cream social just before school starts. Students and families are able to meet their teachers briefly in the classrooms, drop off school supplies, and visit booths hosted by local vendors. Ice cream is handed out down by the gym while everyone reconnects with each other and shares in the excitement of a new school year. Chair of this event communicates with local vendors regarding booths, helps with set-up and clean-up, and ensures we have cold ice cream ready to serve!
Gusty-Lee Boulware
Bingo Night
This fall event brings families to school for a fun evening of Bingo. Chair coordinates food and drinks, bingo sheets, and daubers to be sold. Communicates with volunteers to procure 20-30 prizes. Also communicates with Board of Directors to ensure Kitchen and Cook, tables, chairs, and AV equipment are arranged. Volunteers will help with prize wrapping, set-up, clean-up, equipment and food sales. It is recommended to communicate with 5th Grade Party committee to see if they plan on also selling items as a fundraiser.
Gusty-Lee Boulware
Vanessa Lara
Sherry Weber
Book Drive
At the end of each year, we hold a book drive with the goal of sending EVERY student home for the summer with 2-5 FREE books! The chair of this annual activity is responsible for collecting donated books throughout the year, leveling them, and coordinating an event where kids rotate through and select their books.
Erin Quinn
Breakfast Program
Kenmore Elementary serves breakfast to between 80-100 kids. With the addition of breakfast for our new Head Start Preschool, staff members would love additional help. The chair of this important ongoing work ensures this program stays vibrant and supports breakfast service for our Cubs. Your role would be to encourage and coordinate volunteers to sign up for help with the breakfast line and/or supervision in the gym from 8:40 - 9:00 daily.
Jessica Pullen
Brown Bag
Free, after-school classes (called “Brown Bag” classes) are offered to students at all grade levels. Each student may sign up for one class. Chair recruits parents, staff or community members to offer classes, develops registration materials including brochure with class descriptions, manages sign up and assignment process, reserves classroom space, and assures class list is provide to instructor, office staff and regular classroom teachers. Volunteers offer to teach Brown Bag classes in areas of expertise or hobbies they have enjoyed or may offer to assist another instructor. Please note that classroom usage needs to be coordinated with the ASAP Chair, the Office staff, and Co-Presidents. It is helpful to have a faculty member assist in recruiting staff to volunteer classroom space. Timing: Organizational work takes place in late November through January. Classes offered need to be finalized by end of January and distributed to students. Students are assigned by Chair(s) by mid-February. Classes are typically offered in March.
Christy Sims
Bulletin Board
Help keep our indoor PTA Bulletin Board fresh and informative! Communicate with Co-Presidents for requested updates.
Sherry Weber
Do you love chess, and/or feel passionate about kids learning to love it? The Chess Chair supports our ongoing after-school chess classes, and is our go-to liaison for all things chess-related at Kenmore Elementary.
Steven Hentel
Classic Books
Chair coordinates with faculty regarding the schedule of Classic Books sessions for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders; promotes the program among students, faculty and parents; chooses and prepares reading materials for each grade; arranges time and place to meet. Volunteers complete training with the Northshore School District to lead Classic Books discussions. Timing: Four-week sessions for each grade, each meeting about 40 minutes once a week to discuss assigned reading. Discussion leaders coordinate schedules with students’ available times.
Kristy Sherman
Community Play Date Coordinator
Community Play Date Coordinator helps organize monthly Saturday morning play dates for Kenmore kids of all ages on the school playground. Responsible for bringing or securing snacks as desired, and notifying Co-Presidents if a date will be cancelled.
Liz Colver
Community Serve Day
Community Serve Day Chair helps organize and coordinate this service day at Kenmore Elementary, which occurs near the end of August each summer. Community Serve Day provides essential assistance in getting our campus and classrooms ready for the new schoolyear. Chair will coordinate with the Landing Church of Seattle, ensure all teachers know they can ask for help, and solicit and manage parent volunteers. Visit for more information, or contact our liaison, Rex Gorman, at:
Cub Notes
Sends out weekly PTA updates to Kenmore Elementary families and staff members by email.
Sylvia Bagley
Cut & Chat
Chair coordinates volunteers to fulfill teacher work orders, such as cutting, pasting, laminating, stapling, etc. Volunteers need not have mastery of English language, may attend at their convenience, and my bring small children and infants along. Commitment is one hour weekly.
Melissa Atchison
Dance (All-School)
The dance chair will coordinate volunteers for a whole-school dance event following our Dance Week. Volunteers help set up, sell tickets, sell popcorn and other treats, take pictures, hand out baked goods, monitor parking, and clean up.
Stephanie Krambrink
Earth Week
Help coordinate activities and announcements for the week surrounding this special April holiday.
Karyl Gelatt
Emergency Prep
Helps purchase supplies and maintain the emergency container in coordination with the school Eprep Committee. Attend Eprep Committee meetings every other month. Help at drills if possible.
Victoria North
English Language Learner Representative*
The English Language Learner (ELL) Representative provides the perspective of families with ELL students to the PTA to help guide decisions and activities; works to build community among families of ELL kids and within the school; serves as the point-of-contact for parents looking to connect with other parents; acts as a liaison for teachers regarding issues that affect ELL kids; attends PTA General and Board of Director meetings and provides a point of view regarding what’s working and what’s not for ELL students at Kenmore Elementary; and, if possible, shares ELL news with the PTA and school community.
Vanessa Lara
Events Photographer
Our Events Photographer takes photos -- ideally high-quality, with an SLR camera -- at as many KEPTA events as possible, and uploads them to a secure folder for use with permission in Cub Notes, on our Facebook page, and on our website. This helps us document and advertise the work and service we provide all year long, and gives new parents a sense of what our events look like. A good picture is worth 1,000 words!
Sylvia Bagley
Family Dinner & Game Night
Wish you could meet and socialize with other school families & teachers outside of class? Well then, come to our Family Dinner and Game Night this February in the School Gym, during "Turn Off Your Screens Week". The entire family is welcome! Please bring a favorite dessert or side dish to share. Games to follow dinner! Chair of this event helps coordinate purchase of pizza and drinks, sets up the gym with tables, serves pizza dinner to attendees, and helps with clean-up.
Erin Roudybush
Fifth Grade Party and Fundraising
Chair leads volunteer committee in planning and organizing the party for graduating 5th graders -- historically a swim party at Kenmore Aqua Club. In addition to party planning, the Committee’s responsibilities are: 1) to raise money throughout the year to offset the cost of the party; 2) to raise money (or secure grants) to help cover the cost of scholarships for 5th grade camp; 3) to determine a 5th grade legacy project (gift), fundraise for it, and ensure its completion. It is highly encouraged that the Board of Directors is kept in the loop so as to avoid potential conflicts in scheduling and/or fundraising efforts. Any contracts (i.e. with a DJ) must be signed by Co-Presidents. Party venue should be reserved (via deposit secured from our Treasurer) in summer prior to the start of the school year, as this is a busy time for school parties. Committee will meet approximately 3-5 times between January and June; fundraising efforts are throughout the year.
Amy Henkens
Jen Pierson
Fun Run
Each spring, P.E. teachers host Fun Run as a day-long celebration of fitness. PTA volunteers track how many laps students run and provide snacks and water. Fun Run chair helps solicit and coordinate volunteers, purchases food, and oversees the event (with plenty of help from other parent volunteers!).
Laura Cooley
Go Green
Kenmore Elementary is a Washington Green School ( but maintaining this status requires a lot of dedication and volunteer hours! Chair responsibilities include overseeing waste audits, communicating with Go Green personnel, and ensuring Kenmore’s teachers are well-supported in supervising daily lunch recycling.
Karyl Gelatt
Chair welcomes new families and students and serves as greeters at PTA functions. Provides snacks and beverages at the Welcome Back Coffee/Tea Socials at the beginning of the year as well as during Kindergarten Tours, General Membership Meetings, and the Veterans Day Assembly Reception. (Snack and beverage costs are reimbursed.)
Amy Lowe
Chair recruits and coordinates volunteers in the school library and assures reliable volunteers are present and/or make arrangements for coverage. Volunteers assist the librarian by shelving books, checking in/out books, assisting children with finding books as well as assisting the librarians with special projects that come up. Volunteers are trained by the chair. Coordinates volunteers for the Scholastic Book Fair, at librarian’s direction.
Natasha Cowan
Works to sign up members to the PTA and enter those members into the state website. Communication with parents and staff through flyers and newsletters as well as attending curriculum nights are important to this position. Archives each year's members and stores this data in KEPTA e-files.
Jaime Ledger
Multicultural Arts
Chair and committee identify or develop programs which expose students to a variety of cultural experiences via drama, dance, music, puppetry and other performing arts. Special emphasis on arts programs which promote diversity and a multi-cultural perspective. Committee coordinates with Principal on programs and scheduling, contacts artists, provides notification for calendar, ensures payment to artists, advertises performance, and helps artists set-up and clean-up. Artist in Residence Program (Sowah Mensah African Drumming classes) is coordinated by Judy Bohnet, music teacher.
Siphia Ung
Parent Education
Our Parent Education Chairs helps determine what types of learning opportunities Kenmore parents would like, and helps make these events happen. Opportunities include inviting Kenmore parents to lead a half-hour discussion ("Parent Presents") on a topic of their choice before each General Membership Meeting, or arranging other special events or talks. Our PTA may also choose to pool funds with other PTAs to hire guest speakers.
Sylvia Bagley
Popcorn Thursday
Want to enjoy one of the most light-hearted (and easy!) PTA volunteer opportunities? Help chair this event once a month, and put a smile on kids’ faces by handing out a bag of popcorn to each student! Find a partner to help out, and make it even more fun. Responsibilities include: Making sure we have enough supplies in the PTA closet (and ordering more ahead of time as needed); helping with set-up and clean-up; helping make or hand out bags of popcorn during lunch-time recesses; soliciting and communicating with volunteers (though you only need one other volunteer to make it doable). 
Steven Hentel
Jessie Lewis
Jessica Pullen
Reader Board
Chair keeps our outdoor Reader Board up to date with announcements. Communicates with Co-Presidents for requested updates.
Kate Kolesar
Coordinates and promotes the pursuit of students' creative expression through the annual PTA Reflections Program. This program encourages students to create art inspired by a specific theme (selected annually by the State PTA from student theme idea submissions) in any of six art categories for fun and recognition. Responsibilities include: Communicating Rules, preparing the school’s entry form, managing entries & submission protocol, uploading entry data, and providing recognition to students.
Courtenay Gebhardt
Social Services
The purpose of the Social Services Committee is to support the lower income population of Kenmore Elementary and, in the case of the Hopelink Coin Drive, the community as a whole. The Social Services Chair coordinates donations, volunteers, goods, fundraisers and grants. Current initiatives include the following: Thanksgiving meal program, Secret Santa, Hopelink Coin Drive, and grant applications/reporting. Due to confidentiality, the “Chair” does not have specific knowledge of recipients; all activities are coordinated with the school nurse.
Nicole Suarez
Special Education Representative*
The Special Education Representative provides the perspective of families with special needs students to the PTA to help guide decisions and activities; works to build community among families of kids with special needs and within the school; serves as the point-of-contact for parents looking to connect with other parents; acts as a liaison for teachers regarding issues that affect kids with special needs; attends PTA General and Board of Director meetings and provides a point of view regarding what’s working and what’s not for special needs students at Kenmore Elementary; connects with the Northshore Council Special Ed Rep and other Special Ed Reps in the district; and, if possible, shares special education news with the PTA and school community.
Gusty-Lee Boulware
Keri Marsh
Spirit Wear
Chair identifies vendors and vets appropriate candidates to assure KE receives the most competitive price possible. Designs informational flyer, method for payment, order forms, and delivery process.
Jen Pierson
Staff Appreciation
Chair coordinates and organizes the staff appreciation committee for lunches or activities for all Kenmore staff, which occur in August (right before school starts), November, and May.
Jessie Lewis
Sabina McCoy
Staff Liaison
KEPTA's Staff Liaison is a Kenmore Elementary teacher who helps connect staff members with the activities and needs of the PTA. Responsibilities aim to bolster the partnership between the school and PTA, including communication and attendance.
Jessa Van Dyk
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) Fair
Chair organizes our annual Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math Fair, taking place in late March. Responsibilities include sending out a flyer and/or other communications to generate interest, purchasing and distributing tri-fold boards, and helping with set-up and clean-up on the big day.
Kate Kolesar
Summer Open Library
For six Wednesdays each summer, students currently reading below grade level are invited to Kenmore Elementary's Summer Open Library. In order to minimize the summer reading slide, students will have the opportunity to participate in a read aloud, check out “just right” books, and engage in a literacy-based activity in hopes that we can inspire kids to read all summer long. In order for this program to run smoothly, Kenmore Elementary needs 5 to 6 adult volunteers per Wednesday to support with things like literacy stations, reading with students, and helping students pick out “just right” books. Children of volunteers may attend SOL for their shifts. Summer Open Library Chair will help secure snacks, solicit volunteers, and work with the school’s Title I Coordinator to communicate about this opportunity.
Turn Off Screens Week
Also known as Screen Free Week or Digital Detox Week, our Turn of Screens week is roughly based on the National Screen-Free Week which is an annual event where children, families, schools and communities are encouraged to turn off screens and "turn on life." Instead of relying on television programming for entertainment, participants read, daydream, explore, enjoy nature, and spend time with family and friends. Over 300 million people have taken part in the turnoff, with millions participating each year Nationwide. Kenmore Elementary celebrates the end of this week by hosting a Family Game Night in the School Gym. The chair of this weeklong event will help gather prizes to hand out to kids each day, and coordinate prize-giving. For more information and a bevy of ideas on how to survive Digital Detox, check out:
Christy Sims
Volunteer Solicitor
Are you a "Connector"? When you hear about a role or volunteer job, do you automatically start flipping through the "Rolodex in your mind" to see who might be a good fit? If so, please consider being our PTA's Volunteer Solicitor! We need help finding the right people for all our many volunteer opportunities. No pressure to fill all spots; we just want some assistance in broadening our outreach. Thank you!
Watch D.O.G.S.
WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) is an innovative father involvement, educational initiative of the National Center for Fathering. While this program is run by Kenmore Elementary School, our PTA provides support by soliciting volunteers. The goals of WATCH D.O.G.S. are: 1) To provide positive male role models for the students, demonstrating by their presence that education is important. 2) To provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying. WATCH D.O.G.S. are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other father-figures who perform a variety of tasks during their volunteer slot, including monitoring the school entrance, assisting with unloading and loading of buses and cars, monitoring the lunch room, or helping in the classroom with a teacher’s guidance by working with small groups of students on homework, flashcards, or spelling. Many school principals have reported that the mere presence of a WATCH D.O.G. dramatically reduces reports of bullying. WATCH D.O.G.S. PTA Representative helps solicit and schedule volunteers for this important ongoing work, and gives brief updates at PTA meetings.
Karen Zehm
Ways & Means
The Ways and Means chair oversees and grows Kenmore Elementary’s non-auction fundraising activities for the PTA, including donation matching, Box Tops, and Amazon Smile. Helps coordinate parties for classrooms or grade levels that win Box Tops contests.
Amy Lowe
Keeps the PTA website updated with current information via the current interface (currently wordpress). Communicates with Executive Board and Committee Chairs regularly to ensure their committee pages are up-to-date. Manages site and email account access for the BOD.
Sylvia Bagley
Katie Hall
Chair designs and lays out yearbook, working with school administrator and third party vendor. Chair assures all students are represented per privacy policies. Coordinates volunteer photographers to ensure each school event is photographed. Receives and deposits payment. Chair responsible for vetting potential vendors to assure the school receives competitive pricing. Year Book goes to printer in early May.
Laura Cooley

* Board of Directors member

Vacant Positions:  We have a few more chair positions to fill, and would love for you to be involved! Please review the position descriptions above or contact us for more info:  Co-chairing to learn more about a position and work alongside an existing chair is an option, too.

Chairing or co-chairing is a great way to stay involved with our PTA and give back to Kenmore Elementary. Many hands make light work, creating a positive, caring impact for our students and staff. Please don’t assume someone else is going to do it – that someone we are looking for is you!

Thank you,

— Sylvia and Melissa, Kenmore Elementary PTA Co-Presidents, 2017-2018