Turn off Screens Week

Also known as Screen Free Week or Digital Detox Week, our Turn of Screens week is roughly based on the National Screen-Free Week which is an annual event where children, families, schools and communities are encouraged to turn off screens and “turn on life.”

Instead of relying on television programming for entertainment, participants read, daydream, explore, enjoy nature, and spend time with family and friends. Over 300 million people have taken part in the turnoff, with millions participating each year nationwide. Kenmore Elementary hosts a Family Dinner and Game Night on the second day off this week.

Turn Off Screens Week will take place from February 26 to March 2, 2018.  We still need a chair for this position! If you are interested and available, please write to: president@kenmorepta.org


Directory Listing for Position: Turn Off Screens Week

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Christy Sims christysims@hotmail.com